UBF maintaining production efforts throughout pandemic: At UBF we are continuing to maintain our production efforts as we adapt to the current challenges that we all face from the global pandemic. Being a smaller business allows us to remain agile and to adapt quickly as circumstances change. We are persevering and will continue to provide effective solutions to our customers for as long as we are able to trade and remain open throughout the pandemic.

Today we are constructing unique home education kits for those in the dental industry containing a set of dental components. These are being packed into a specially designed box complete with custom foam to house and transport everything safely and will have additional online resources and media to complete the course. Below you can see an image of the custom kit and the specially designed foam including a nice blue “flocking” as a premium finishing touch.

This project was in planning and has become even more relevant due to the current restrictions in travel away from your home as we all try to adhere to social distancing measures to slow the spread of coronavirus. If you have any ideas for material that may now need to direct to an in-home situation similar to this educational kit we would love to have the chance to discuss your ideas with you and offer our help.

UBF Kit Assembly
Glen and Andrew assembling the home education kits to be distributed to dentists.
Preview of the custom kit
Preview of the custom kit which shows the specially designed foam to look after the delicate contents as they are distributed throughout Australia. Includes the nice blue “flocking” as a premium finish to the foam
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